Essen Health Conference 2024 - Call for Papers

The Essen Health Conference 2024

Health - Education - Labour


Date of Conference
22. - 24.05.2024

Location of Conference
Essen, Germany

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Download: Call for Papers

This is the webpage of the Call for Papers of the Essen Health Conference 2024.


The application process is closed.

Application process closed on 31 January 2024!


About the conference

The Essen Health Conference is a forum where economists present work on the nexus between health, human capital and socio-economic outcomes. We invite submissions in the any of the fields health, education and labour economics, and especially at the intersections between them. 

The Essen Health Conference has been held annually since 2010. We select around 30 papers and invite their authors to Essen for a three-day conference. Each participant presents their own paper and discusses another within a session. Participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the conference.

A prize of 1,000 euros will be awarded to the best paper in the programme. 

There is no registration fee for the conference. Attendees will also be able to take advantage of discounted hotel rates at the conference venue.


Keynote speakers

Casper Worm Hansen

University of Copenhagen

Carol Propper

University of Bristol
College London

Anupam Jena 

Harvard Medical School

Johanna Rickne

Stockholm University


Application process 

 The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2024.

Format: Full paper, PDF

Send tocontact.conference (at) 

Contributions from early career researchers are encouraged.

The Scientific Committee and our scientific team will review your submission as soon as possible. 


Updates and contact

If you have any questions, please contact our organising team: contact.conference (at) 

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Scientific Committee


Organising Team


Code of conduct

The Essen Health Conference subscribes to the principles outlined in the Code of Ethics of the German Economic Association. We cherish values of professional and intellectual integrity, honesty, care, and transparency — and oppose any discriminatory behaviour or harassment.