Winter 13-14

Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



16.00 Uhr

Raum: SE108, Schützenbahn 70, Essen 

Kontakt: Simon.Decker (at)







Okt 14

Learning about Risk in a new Environment: Evidence from Crime Preventive Behavior

Martin Salm (Tilburg)

Okt 21

The Effect of Health Shocks on Smoking Cessation: Some Evidence from Swiss Data

Christian Bünnings (CINCH)

Okt 28

Getting a Healthy Start? Using Targeted Benefits to Promote Healthy Eating

Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder (York)

Nov 4

Cane and Able? Physical Job Demands and the Timing of Labor Market Exits

Sarah Okoampah (Uni DUE, RGS Econ)

Nov 11

Do the poorest benefit from user fee removal policies? Evidence on household out-of-pocket spending from rural Burkina Faso

Manuela di Allegri (Heidelberg)

Nov 18

Sooner or Later - Economic Insecurity and the Timing of First Birth

Jan Kleibrink (CINCH)

Nov 25

Long-run Effects of Severe Economic Recessions: Drastic Changes in Working Hours and Male BMI TrajectoriesOlena Nizalova (Kyiv)

Dez 2

A Matter of Life and Death? Hospital Distance and Quality of Care: Evidence from Emergency Room Closures and Myocardial InfarctionsDaniel Avdic (CINCH)

Dez 9

The effects of retirement on mental healthIngo Kolodziej (RWI Essen)

Dez 16

Fertility Effects on Labor Supply: IV Evidence from IVF Treatments

Petter Lundborg (Lund)







Jan 13

Selective-Referral and Unobserved Patient Heterogeneity – Bias in the Volume-Outcome RelationshipCorinna Hentschker (RWI Essen)

Jan 20

What's the Point of Class? The effective of Random Coefficient and Latent Class Models and Bayesian Extensions to Identify Types

Stefanie Schurer (Melbourne)

Jan 27

Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers: Experimental Insights into the Fight against the Obesity EpidemicArndt Reichert (RWI Essen)

Feb 3

Universal Coverage on a Budget: Impacts on Health Care Utilisation and Out-of-Pocket Expenditures in Thailand

Owen O'Donnell (Rotterdam)