Schedule Essen Health Economics Seminar Winter Term 2021-22







11.10.2021General Equilibrium Effects of Insurance Expansions: Evidence from Long-Term Care Labor MarketsMaria Polyakova (Stanford University)Zoom16-17.30
18.10.2021Public Health Policy At Scale: Impact of a Government-sponsored Information Campaign on Infant Mortality in DenmarkErdal Tekin (American University Washington)Zoom15-16.30
08.11.2021Does internal migration increase regional inequalities in healthcare costs? Martin Salm (Tilburg University)Hybrid13-14.30
15.11.2021A Consumer Centric Framework for Firearms RegulationBrad Shapiro (University of Chicago)Hybrid13-14.30
22.11.2021The Economic Modelling of VaccinationFlavio Toxvaerd (University of Cambridge)Zoom15-16.30
29.11.2021Machine predictions and human decisions with variation in payoffs and skillHannes Ulrich (DIW Berlin &  University of Copenhagen)Hybrid13-14.30
06.12.2021Causal Mediation Analysis of the Effect of Education on Cognitive AbilitiesHendrik Schmitz (Universität Paderborn)Hybrid13-14.30
20.12.2021What Difference Does a Diagnosis Make? Evidence from Marginal PatientsSarah Miller (University of Michigan)Zoom15-16.30
10.01.2022Parenthood in PovertySarah Eichmeyer (LMU München)Zoom13-14.30
17.01.2022Trauma at School: The Impacts of Shootings on Students' Human Capital and Economic OutcomesMolly Schnell (Northwestern University)Zoom15-16.30
24.01.2022Introduction of a Harm Reduction Method: When Does It Help and When Does it Backfire?”Davide Dragone (University of Bologna)Zoom13-14.30
31.01.2022tbaTuba Tuncel (HEC Montréal)Zoom15-16.30

Joachim Winter (LMU München)


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