Winter 2017-18

Winter 17-18

Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



14.00 - 15:30 Uhr

Raum: WST-C.02.11, Weststadttürme Berliner Platz 6-8, Essen

Kontakt: mondays-seminar (at)


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Kalender zum Download


Datum       Thema        Referent
Sep 26
Unawareness and Selective Disclosure: The Effect of School Quality Information on Property PricesJohn P. Haisken-DeNew (Melbourne)
Okt 09Short- and Long-term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Access: Evidence from DenmarkAnton Nilsson (Aarhus)
Okt 16
(Non)exclusive Contracting under Adverse Selection: An Experiment Wanda Mimra (ETH Zürich)
Nov 6
The Effects of Schooling on Wealth Accumulation Approaching RetirementAlessandro Martinello (Lund)
Nov 13Minimum wage and disability-related differentials in earnings in Germany Bora Kim (CINCH)
Nov 20Is it good to be too light? Birth weight thresholds in hospital reimbursement systemsSimon Reif (FAU)
Nov 27 The Labour Market Consequences of Enforcing Right-Handedness: Sinister Results from an Educational PolicySilke Anger (IAB)
Dez 4
Physician drug choices based on preferred drug quotas – a retrospective analysis of physician association policies in GermanyFriederike Arndt (CINCH)
Dez 11How should hospital reimbursement be refined to support the concentration of complex care services?Katja Grasic (CHE, York)
Dez 18Goodbye Smokers’ Corner: Health Effects of School Smoking BansGregor Pfeifer (Hohenheim)
Jan 8
Are Doctors the Better Health Ministers? – The Limits of Technocracy Adam Pilny (RWI Essen)
Jan 15
Jan 22
Go your own way? The importance of environment in the formation of physician practice styles Ieva Sriubaite (CINCH)