Winter 2015-16


Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



14.15 Uhr

Raum: WST-C.02.12, Weststadttürme Berliner Platz 6-8, Essen 

Kontakt: Simon.Decker (at)


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Winter 2015-16





19.10.2015 Indirect Fiscal Effects of Long-term Care Insurance Thorben Korfhage, RWI
26.10.2015 A Land ‘of Milk and Butter’: The Long Run Determinants of the Rise of Cooperative Dairying in Denmark Paul Sharp, University of Southern Denmark
02.11.2015 Other-regarding Preferences at Work: Evidence from Two Experiments Affecting Workers' Incentives to Shirk Arizo Karimi, Uppsala universitet
09.11.2015 Does the Hospital Closure Matter? Evidence from Acute Myocardial Infarction in Germany Ieva Sriubaite, GOEK
16.11.2015 Do healthcare financing privatisations curb total healthcare expenditures? Evidence from OECD countries. Rasmus Wiese, Unversity of Groningen
23.11.2015 Umbrella Branding in Pharmaceutical Markets Moritz Suppliet, DICE
30.11.2015 --- ---
07.12.2015 Quality Competition, Mergers and Altruism in Hospital Markets – An Experimental Investigation Markus Vomhof, CINCH
14.12.2015 Wellbeing Health and the Value of Life Bernard van den Berg, University of York
21.12.2015 --- ---
11.01.2016 Ex ante moral hazard in the health insurance market Alessandro Terracina, GOEK
18.01.2016 Informal Care and Long-term Labor Market Outcomes Matthias Westphal, GOEK
25.01.2016 --- ---
01.02.2016 Relaxing monotonicity in the identification of local average treatment effects Christian Møller Dahl, University of Southern Denmark