Winter 14-15

Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



16.00 Uhr

Raum: SE 008, Schützenbahn 70, Essen 

Kontakt: daniel.avdic (at)


Bitte beachten: Von nun an findet das Seminar in einem neuem Raum statt (SE 008).


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Datum       Thema        Referent
Okt 13Explained and Unexplained Adiposity Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Nonimmigrants in GermanyRui Dang (RGS)
Okt 20Retirement in HRS participants: the role of endogenous subjective and objective health measuresMaksym Obrizan (Kyiv, Uni DUE)
Okt 27Work and Well-Being of Informal Caregivers in EuropeDörte Heger (RWI)
Nov 3Does the Burglar Also Disturb the Neighbor? Crime Spillovers on Individual Well-beingChristian Bünnings (CINCH)
Nov 10Does the letter matter (and for everyone)? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effects of home invitation on mammography uptakeVincenzo Carrieri (Salerno)
Nov 17A "Sure Start" in the face of disadvantage? The effect of a large-scale early childhood initiative on children's development  Sarah Cattan (London)
Nov 24abgesagt---
Dez 1The Effects of Sickness Absence in School on Short- and Long-term AchievementsDaniel Kamhöfer (Uni DUE)
Dez 8Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection and Children's Educational OutcomesArnaud Chevalier (London)
Dez 15Early Life Health Interventions: Effects on Sickness Absence and Academic PerformanceNina Schwarz (Uni DUE)



Datum       Thema                                                                                                                                                                           Referent
Jan 12The introduction of maternity benefits and children's outcomeClaudia Andreella (Uni DUE)
Jan 19Change is Good (?): The Short-Run Effects of Switching Health Insurance on Subjective Health of IndividualsThu-Van Nguyen (DICE, CINCH)
Jan 26Identifying Non-monetary Return so Education Using the Marginal Treatment Effect ApproachMatthias Westphal (RGS, Uni DUE)
Feb 2The Return to Schooling among High School Dropouts: Evidence from Britain's Compulsory Schooling ChangesDamon Clark (California)
Feb 9A new approach to decomposition of a bivariate rank dependent index using recentered influence function regressionGustaf Kjellsson (Lund)
Feb 23
A comparison of primary care models in Ontario: examining the relationship between physician payment and outcomesMaude Laberge (University of Toronto)