Winter 2014-15

Winter 14-15

Mondays Seminar Series in Health Economics


Mondays at 4pm

Room: SE 008, Schützenbahn 70, Essen 

Contact: daniel.avdic (at)


Please note: From now on the seminar takes place in a new room (SE 008).


To receive information about upcoming presentations please send an email to mondays-join (at)


Date       Topic        Presenter
Oct 13Explained and Unexplained Adiposity Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Nonimmigrants in GermanyRui Dang (RGS)
Oct 20Retirement in HRS participants: the role of endogenous subjective and objective health measuresMaksym Obrizan (Kyiv, Uni DUE)
Oct 27Work and Well-Being of Informal Caregivers in EuropeDörte Heger (RWI)
Nov 3Does the Burglar Also Disturb the Neighbor? Crime Spillovers on Individual Well-beingChristian Bünnings (CINCH)
Nov 10Does the letter matter (and for everyone)? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effects of home invitation on mammography uptakeVincenzo Carrieri (Salerno)
Nov 17A "Sure Start" in the face of disadvantage? The effect of a large-scale early childhood initiative on children's developmentSarah Cattan (London)
Nov 24cancelled---
Dec 1The Effects of Sickness Absence in School on Short- and Long-term AchievementsDaniel Kamhöfer (Uni DUE)
Dec 8Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection and Children's Educational OutcomesArnaud Chevalier (London)
Dec 15Early Life Health Interventions: Effects on Sickness Absence and Academic PerformanceNina Schwarz (Uni DUE)



Date       Topic                                                                                                                                                                             Presenter
Jan 12The introduction of maternity benefits and children's outcome Claudia Andreella (Uni DUE)
Jan 19Change is Good (?): The Short-Run Effects of Switching Health Insurance on Subjective Health of IndividualsThu-Van Nguyen (DICE, CINCH)
Jan 26Identifying Non-monetary Return so Education Using the Marginal Treatment Effect ApproachMatthias Westphal (RGS, Uni DUE)
Feb 2The Return to Schooling among High School Dropouts: Evidence from Britain's Compulsory Schooling ChangesDamon Clark (California)
Feb 9A new approach to decomposition of a bivariate rank dependent index using recentered influence function regressionGustaf Kjellsson (Lund)
Feb 23
A comparison of primary care models in Ontario: examining the relationship between physician payment and outcomesMaude Laberge (University of Toronto)