Essen Health Conference 2017 - Health and Labour


Health and Labour.

Economic modeling of how health and human capital interact in a changing world

THU, June 8 – SAT, June 10, 2017

Essen, Germany


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For further details, please see the Call for papers.

About the topic

Economists have shown a great interest in the relationship between labour market outcomes and health. This topic has gained increased relevance in recent years as population ageing changes the composition of the workforce, with important consequences for worker productivity, occupational health, and retirement choices. Parallel to this development, the link between employment and health insurance coverage is changing in several countries. Both processes are ongoing and some of their societal and economic consequences are not yet well understood. It is the aim of the conference to provide a forum for health and labour economists, bringing together frontier research which contributes to a deeper understanding of how the labour market shapes health outcomes and vice versa.


Examples of suitable topics:

    • Early life health, education, and productivity
    • Compensating differentials and occupational risk
    • The intergenerational transmission of health and determinants of employability
    • Retirement and health capacity to work at older ages
    • Health insurance and the labour market
    • Mental health and employability
    • Determinants and effects of absenteeism and presenteeism
    • The effects of unemployment and downturns on health
    • Structural modeling of labour market decisions and health
    • Evaluation of health and labour market reforms


    Keynote Speakers


    Scientific Committee


    Call for Papers

    Papers on relevant topics should be sent in pdf format by 28 February 2017 to contact.conference (at) Contributions from young researchers are encouraged. There is no registration fee for the conference.


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